Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend number 3

The blog site was under repair on Friday and the weekend was a busy
one so this post will cover all of those days.

Well Friday the 13th had at me this year. I was up early and ready to
go to work and was planning on picking up my passport on the way. None
of this happened the way it should. I was leaving for work on my bike
when things started to go wrong. I usually don't ride my bike down the
driveway but I did this day. Which was a bad thing but a good in one
way. The brakes broke on me as I was going down the drive way so I had
two options cars or trees. I took the trees. The bike went flying I
was able to grab the tree and avoid too much damage. I'm okay just a
few bruises and cuts. Nothing big so no worries at home. This made me
late for work but they understood why. I showed up just in time for
breakfast, we had white Bavarian sausages and bread. It was pretty
good! There was also non-alcoholic wheat beer that was from Bavaria
too for breakfast. Apparently it is considered food not a drink. I
didn't really like it but at least I can say I tried it. I was really
busy at work just working on my project so the day flew by. I didn't
end up getting my passport back because it turns out that the town
hall closes at noon on Friday's.

After work I went home to change ( it was 28 and sunny) and get the
bike so I could take it back to Meri. I took it back and ended up
staying there for a while. I grabbed supper then went to meet Emily,
Erin and Colin at the train station. Once they were here we dropped
their gear off at my place. They weren't expecting the hill I live on
but we made it up with all of their belongings. After we headed back
down the hill to grab some drinks and catch up. The first place we
went to was packed! We waited almost 15 minutes for a table/drink and
didn't get one so we headed to the next place. It was really great
little pub so we stayed there the rest of the night. When we were
leaving we wanted food. Our waiter attempted and even drew a map to
McDonald's on the other side of town since he knew that would be open.
We set off for this no fully knowing where we were going. We were
talking about it and some guys heard us as we passed another pub. So
we asked them for more directions but they said it was going to be
another 2 km! Then we asked if there was anything closer and he
replied with yeah, 10 seconds and pointed across the street to a
Turkish place. So that's where we went and it was pretty good! Erin
and Colin had donairs (doner here) and Emily and I shared a pizza.
With full bellies we headed home and went to bed for the night. On our
way home we did run into a few pirates from the pirate convention that
is at the Best Western near where I live. We were never able to figure
out the pirate event but saw lots of them during the weekend.


Once everyone was awake and showered we decided to head to the market
for breakfast. It was great we had fresh fruit and baked goods. Food
is pretty cheap here so it was a great meal. After the market we
headed to the cheese cake place for cheese cake because we had passed
it and it was too good looking (and tasting) to not have. After a bit
of wandering and stopping in some stores we went to meet Jenn at the
train station. Once she was with us we headed to this great asian food
place for lunch. It was delicious. For the afternoon we did some trip
planning for the rest of the summer. We're headed off to the southern
tip of Italy on the sea the first weekend of June! We got a sweet deal
and a beach weekend is going to be lots of fun. I was also able to get
my train tickets to Venice to meet Ruth and Don the second weekend if
June. I have a lot to look forward to :) Once trip planning was
complete we got ready and headed downtown again for supper and the
music festival. The restaurant had closed their kitchen because of the
festival and were having a BBQ instead. So this is what we had for
supper more German sausage. For the night we bounced around town to
the different places where bands were playing. There were 30 bands and
I think we saw about 10. The night was great we met a few people and
had some fun (we definitely stood out with all our English). By the
end of the night we were beat and were off to sleep in no time!

Today was a lot colder and rainy but it was a lazy day. The group
headed home at different times through out the day too. Other than
walking them to the station and a short walk through the castle my day
wasn't all too exciting. It was nice to just relax and catch up with a
few people over skype and facebook. With that I'm off to bed soon
since work week 3 starts early tomorrow!

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