Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 20 (I think at least)

Today was the start of work week 3 which is crazy! I was a little
sad when I left for work today because it was only 6 degrees out. The
rain held off for the day but I'm beginning to think the weather from
home it headed this way. Today was another fast one at work. I
literally spent all day working on my project. I had to take picture
of all the different samples that I have tested using the microscope
and it's software. I thought I had finished just after lunch but I
then learned I needed to make different measurements on them all. So
this took up the rest of the day. It wasn't too bad because I was in
the lab where Carmen and Simon work so I was able to talk to them on
and off. At one point Carmen asked me what a klutz was. I had called
myself this on Friday and she had been trying to figure it out over
the weekend I guess. I explained and she told me that the german word
for this is schusselig. Frank and I went to lunch today since Simon
had something else to do today. Lunch was interesting looking and the
signs were not all in English today they usually are. So I opted for
the vegetarian and pasts dish to be on the safe side. Turns out that
the main course had been pork and a stuffing type thing covered in
gravy. We chatted about the weekend and what plans are for the 3 long
weekends in June.

After work I headed to the town hall to pick up my passport. When I
got there though it turns out it is closed on Monday's. I will get it
this week! I asked the lady working the front desk when the office
would be open tomorrow. She knew what I was asking but it took her a
while to figure out the right times in English. So hopefully I can get
it tomorrow. I then just walked around town a bit before coming home
to have supper. After supper (and currently still working on it) I
attempted to do some laundry. The washer took an hour and I'm going on
two hours of my things being in the dryer. Hopefully they'll be done
soon since my bedsheets are in there! It was an ordeal to figure the
laundry out since none of the signs are in English and I couldn't get
any of the coins to work in the machine. I found someone in my
building as they were leaving and asked how they work. Turns out you
need to buy tokens at the hospital and can buy them Sunday mornings
from 7-10 am. So inconvenient. So once my laundry is done and I've
showered I'm off to bed, night. :)

Oh the picture for today is my favorite spot to sit in the castle
grounds. It's not right off the path and has it's own stairs up to the
seat. I love it because it is tucked away and has an amazing view of
the city.

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