Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 9
It?s hard to believe that I have almost finished the first week of
work already. I still have to wait until tomorrow to decide what I am
doing for the weekend. If I can get out of work early enough I'll go
visit Emily for the weekend if not ? well not sure what the plan will

Today was a good day at work. I got to do a bunch of test in the lab
myself this morning. One of the lab technicians showed me what to do
and then I was set. Once I was finished with all the samples I had I
then learned how to do a type of extraction. The labs they have in my
office building are really nice and new. The equipment is awesome and
well it overall is a sweet place to be working in.
Alex and Frank came to get me to go to lunch just after this. My card
still doesn?t let me into the gate of the other section of the
company. So to get in one of them swipes me through and then calls the
security to buzz them through since they can speak German haha. Lunch
was great today because we got to eat outside. The weather here has
been really good which is sweet. On our walk back the boys explained
some different traditions and such to me. One that I forgot to mention
the other day was May 1st. On this day men/boys fill the tree outside
of their ?loves? house with ribbons. It use to be that the tree was
then put in the chimney but they don?t do that anymore. However the
ribbons do stay in the tree for the rest of the month and then the
man/boy who put them up has to take them down. Apparently there are
lots of other things that happen this day. There was a marching band
that went through the town(missed this sadly) people go around
drinking beer all day and in some places (they told me mainly Berlin)
people throw rocks at the police. I only saw the ribbons and I am
perfectly fine with that!

After work I finally went to go get some groceries and a pot since my
apartment has no dishes. Down side was the pot cost more than all the
food I got. For 7 euro I picked up cereal, milk, yogurt, pasta,
tomatoes, tortellini and some peppers! So with this I was able to cook
some actual food (now that our kitchen is slightly cleaner). After
supper I headed out for a run and well that is something I am going to
have to work on?. Outside is a lot different than a tredmill since
there is hills and turns thrown in there. It was just getting dark by
the time I got back so shower, movie and unpacking my suitcases
finally. Meri called to invite me out for a bit with them but it was
almost ten and I didn?t want to walk back downtown by myself in the
dark even though this place is pretty lit up at night. So until
tomorrow good night :)

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