Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 14

It's hard to believe that I've been here for two weeks already. It
may be because of this or not but today flew by! I was a bit tired
getting up this morning since I stayed up later than I should have but
I finally got a skype call in with the little ginge. None the less I
was up and on the bike to work on time. Carmen was waiting for me
because it was my last day in training for the extractions. So with
her watching I set three of them up and left them for three hours to
do their thing. While I waited I finished preparing the sample for
Simon that I had started the day before. Then before I knew it it was
time for lunch.

Lunch was another great day eating outside in the sunshine. I'm sure
those of you at home are sick of me and my sunshine but hey I love it!
We spent most of the conversation testing my German and talking about
places I should travel and places they want to travel too.

For the afternoon I took off my extractions for the morning and put
two new ones on. While these were running I did some other test to the
morning samples. Then as I waited a bit more I ran some tensile test
with Simon but we didn't get the results we were looking for so we
will have more to do tomorrow. After taking the afternoon samples off
(all by myself) and finishing their test the day was done.

After work I headed downtown to stop into the information center. I
was in luck today because I got there before they closed. I was able
to get a brochure about the upcoming music night here this weekend. It
gave a list of the bands (there's 30) the genre they play and what
location. There was also a map on the back pin pointing the locations.
A few of the others are planning on coming for the weekend and going
to the music festival so I'm sure we can figure it out and have a good
time. After picking up a few things I forgot yesterday I headed home
to make some supper. Once again I headed out for a run after in this
beautiful city! I'm convincing myself I can go for a run everyday that
it isn't raining. Hopefully I stick to that.... wish me luck and for
now I'm off to bed. Chow :)

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