Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 11

Since I don't work on the weekends I got to sleep in today. It was
another beautiful day when I woke up (it was up to 25 today). Once
getting showered, breakfast ect. the plan was to head down to the
market and find out more about the music festival that is here next
weekend. Well that didn't happen. As I was leaving the apartment I
noticed a lot of people and cars around (I live at the top of the hill
and other than the castle and hospital traffic this wasn't normal) so
I knew something was up. I waited until I ran into some younger people
to ask because they are the ones generally with better English. Once I
found a small group the first two didn't have great English but the
other two did. I asked what was going on and got a stunned look then
"the football game!" haha should have guessed that one. They said I
should go so I figured I might as well. They then were wondering how I
didn't know English and were here so I said I was from Canada and was
here at Voith. Everyone seems to connect Canada with Niagara falls
here for some reason. I was a little worried to what I got myself into
because the closer we got to the stadium the larger the group got and
the cheers and chants got louder too. Not to mention the increasing
amounts of police fully decked in combat gear, shields, sticks,
helmets the whole works.I managed to get into the stadium but it
looked more like a pen with all the fencing and such to prevent the
crowds from causing too much trouble.... yeah that's it. The game was
crazy the crowds were cheering and chanting non stop. I had no clue
what they were saying but it was fun non the less. Everyone was so
hyped about the game and the team. I laughed though when the mascot
came out it was a giant teddy bear of all things! The game was good
not the best soccer or should I say football but they're not bad for
their devision I'm told (they're devision 3). It was 0-0 until half
way through second half when we scored this only made the crowd get
louder. When it was 1-1 they were not happy to tell you anything about
that but when we got a second goal they were literally jumping all
over the place. This was the final score and the celebrations were
continuing I'm sure for hours afterwards.

I managed to get out in one piece and headed home to grab some food
before finally heading down town. It was busy but I'm sure that's
because it was Saturday. I wanted to go to find out about the music
festival at the tourist place but they had closed before I got there.
I'll have to go one day after work this week. While down there grabbed
some supper and window shopped my way around. The sun was out so I
went up to the castle and just chilled there for a while. That was my
day the most interesting yet I think so enjoy :)

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