Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 13

Well let's start with a reminder to self first run uphill first not down....

Today was the beginning of work week 2! I rode my borrowed bike to
work again making it down the hill without crashing but less then a
block from work my chain fell off. I left it like that until the end
of the day though walking the rest of the way. I was suppose to start
my project today but the repair guy was in that lab fixing some
equipment. So surprise surprise I read for about an hour and a half
this morning. Then Carmen came and said she had some things for me to
do if I wanted so I jumped at that. I spent the morning running some
test in the vacuum distillation and other such equipment in the lab
(I'm not suppose to tell people exactly what I do so you'll have to so
with these sad explanations). These took up the rest of my morning
then I was off to lunch with Simon and Frank. It was another beautiful
day of sun and 24 degree weather so there were not many seats left
outside to eat. We found a table with one other man at it that Simon
knew. The two of them rambled off in German so Frank had to deal with
my English. I apologized fir speaking to fast and too much sometimes
but he said not to because it's good for him. I laughed at this it
seems to be a common thing in my office is people are saying they will
have much better English by the time I leave. Glad I can help :)

Alex wasn't here, he's on vacation for 3 weeks, but we still stopped
for ice cream on the way back to work. Did I mention that my company
has it's own ice cream place.... well it does! For the afternoon I
finished my things in the lab and then helped Simon for the rest of
the afternoon. The afternoon flew by! I'm almost done prepping the
samples so I can run some tensile test with Simon tomorrow.

After work I went to put more money on my internet stick. I felt bad
for the poor lady working cash because she knew no English at all. So,
with the use of my fingers and select German words we were able to get
my internet credit up! My German is slowly but surely growing thank
goodness. After I stopped to pick up a few things from the grocery
store I really needed some pepper and cheese! I also finally found
where the eggs and juice are in this place. It's the tiniest place
ever and is jammed pack so I'm sure I'll find something new every time
I stop in. I came back to the apartment had supper then convinced
myself to go for a run. Going back to my first statement I decided it
would be a good idea to run downhill first. Not a good idea at all. I
ran through the town then back up the steps to the castle and around
there for a bit. Did I mention I'm in love with this place? Well it's
growing on me quickly! With that I'm off to bed so I can have another
day tomorrow, nighty night :)

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