Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday

Last night was Stammtisch (round table) so it was to late to write a
post. So I"ll hopefully be able to get it all in this one.

Yesterday started off slow because it seemed everyone had some sort of
meeting in the morning. This meant that there wasn't anything for me
to do because what I was suppose to be doing you need two people for.
So I read some more I'm not sure what will happen once I"m done this
last book.

I left before lunch so that I could go pick up my passport. I finally
was able to have it back! I took them the last paper they needed payed
my residence fee ( odd I know) and had it in my possession again. I
know have a residence permit and a working permit for Germany. I think
it would be horrible to have to do this in Canada. Even if you are
just moving from one city to the next with in Germany you need to
check in and register with the city/town. Once I had this finished I
grabbed some fresh strawberries from the Wednesday noon market and
some lunch on my way back.

For the afternoon Simon said he had some things for me to do. He told
me that he would come get me when he was ready to start but that
wasn't until 3:30 (filled with more reading and correcting more
papers). I was so happy to be doing something but then that changed
when it took us two hours. I didn't leave until almost 5:30.

For the evening I had some supper then went to Stammtisch. Stammtisch
only reminded me of how quickly I need to learn German. They were
really good about trying to have some English conversations but like
people at work now too they tend to switch back to German because it's
easier. I'm building my vocabulary slowly but surely. I walked with
Julia and Dan until I met up with Frank and Andy. I ended up talking
with them for a while by the castle before heading the rest of the way
home. When I got home there were actual people outside my building!
Amazing I know. Turns out that they just moved in this week and are
here for four weeks doing a course but it's nice to know people are
actually here. So after all that it was late and I was tired.

Today was a slightly better day at work but the being tired didn't
help. I had some extractions to do and Carmen showed me how a new
spectrum machine worked. I had to read for only a bit this afternoon
while I waited for my extraction to finish. I went to lunch normally
as Frank and Simon put it. Another new person joined us I think he's
an intern but working on that and I didn't catch his name. The last
few days there have been a few new people in the department but are
definitely not all interns. I'll get to the bottom of this eventually.

It was another gorgeous hot day so after work I walked to the train
station to buy my ticket for the weekend. I'm going to visit Danielle
another UNBer for the weekend. I picked up some cereal on the way home
too and enjoyed the walk home. I put on another load of laundry but
didn't realize that I put my running clothes in. I was planning on
going running while my clothes were washing. That didn't happen. I was
able to get another skype call in tonight though :) saw my new
neighbors again and pack my bag for the weekend. I'm going now to
hopefully collect my dry clothes then head to bed. So most likely
until Sunday, Chow!

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