Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday

Yesterday and today were both busy ones at work. I've barely read anything :)
It's been doing different test and learning some new ones. The one I
learned about today I"m not fully sure on yet so no point in trying to
explain it.

Yesterday after work I headed home right after work as I had a
meeting for the census. I ended up having to do it even though I'm not
a citizen. I took the information that I had to work on Tuesday to get
some help with and potentially get out of doing, no luck. Frank ended
up calling the number that was on the information for me. He talked to
the guy explaining that I don't speak German and and not from here. He
said I was to be included still but he would bring an English version.
He did bring an English copy but his English wasn't that great and the
translation wasn't either. We were able to fill it out. Well, I
pointed out answers on the English one and he filled the German one so
who knows what was really filled out. After that was done I had supper
and went for a run before Stammtisch. Last night the location was at
the Stadtgarten. I had been there before but I didn't know it was
beside the prison! I didn't even know there was a prison there until
yesterday and I've gone that way many times before. It's by the main
church of the city... It was a great time I'm getting better at
figuring out what people are saying and I can order by myself now. We
were there for quite a while. I walked home with Frank and Andy since
it was dark out. Andy lives near me and Frank was nice enough to not
make me walk the rest of the way by myself which was nice!

Today was a bit harder to stay awake at work today since I stayed
talking a lot later then I thought I had. There was lots to so I only
found myself in la la land while waiting for a test to finish running
or something of the sort. I went to lunch with Simon today as we had
to drop some parts off at a different part of the company. I think he
could tell that I was tired because he was trying to make
conversation. Normally I usually talk the whole lunch since I don't
have to be worried about work. I've apologized for talking so much
some times but they say it's good for them! hahaha if only everyone
thought that. I was dead by the time work was done so no run tonight.

I have to random little stories too.

1) People here keep asking me if I'm married and I couldn't figure out
why. Then I noticed that a lot more people wear rings on their right
hand ring fingers and not the left. Then someone asked me on the
weekend and held up their hand saying they were married. Made so much
more sense. I asked last night at Stammtisch and they said you wear
your promise rings on your left but your marriage ring on your right.
I wear my daughter's pride ring on my right hand so no I'm not
married but will keep wearing it on my right hand! haha

2) I was getting ready to leave work the other day when, who I think
are two other interns, were talking in German at the desk across from
mine. I wasn't listening until I heard them say brain fart. Then I was
looking at them, they saw me after they said it about three times. So,
I asked what??? hahah then they were embarrassed and the supervisor in
the next room said to explain themselves to me. Turns out they were
talking about a type of computer coding. Still was funny and one of
them asked if brain fart was a swear word in English! I had to laugh
then explained what it was.

Well I'm beat so off to bed. Chow :)

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