Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 16

Well I must start off with telling you that my good weather streak
ran out. I'm sure those of you will feel better knowing that I woke up
to pouring rain today! I was up early to go to work since I had left
early yesterday. As soon as I noticed the rain had somewhat died down
I headed to work. I was in luck because it let up just long enough for
me to get to work (thank you!). Simon and Frank were impressed when I
showed up dry to work. They had both driven their cars today. I
however did see a new way to bike and not get as wet. When I was
almost to work I passed a man on a bike also holding an umbrella so he
wouldn't get wet. That's a new one!

Today I was in the lab literally almost all day. None the less the
day flew by. I had a few extractions left to do. I've almost got the
lab caught up on extractions, for now that is. Each one takes three
hours to do and you can only do two at a time. While waiting for the
extraction I was able to start my project finally. Gloria showed me
how to prep my samples then left me to it. I have 32 different types
of materials that I need to test and need to have two samples of each
one to test. These took up almost all of the day to prepare and
tomorrow I get to start testing them. My day at work doesn't sound
that interesting but it wasn't too bad at all and flew by.

For lunch we almost made it to the canteen without the rain but it
started when we were about half way there. Lunch was the normal
conversation other than Simon asking if I had checked my facebook
lately. See Simon says he doesn't like facebook. Anyway, he had heard
on the news the night before that some peoples facebook accounts had
been hacked in Germany and wanted to see if my was okay. Seems to be
to me so we're all good. It would most likely be those people that
don't set up an security on their information or have accessible
computers. Who knows.

After work I was pretty hungry so I headed home right away. I did
however take another new route home. I think I discover a new one
every day! After eating I headed out to wander around some more. This
time it had a purpose. I wanted to make sure I knew the right way to
the train station for sure and how long it takes to get there. Emily
Colin and Erin arrive tomorrow and Jenn on Saturday morning for the
weekend so I need to make sure I"m there to meet them! On my way back
I cut through the castle grounds. What did I discover? Well it looks
like a circus tent. I'm not sure why so I'm going to have to
investigate. Maybe it's just the royal courts entertainment for the
weekend! haha I'm off to bed now. Hopefully Heidenheim is ready for a
weekend full of Canadians :)

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