Friday, May 27, 2011


Nothing overly exciting to report today. It was rainy, a bit chilly
and cloudy for the day. I"m sure that has something to do with it
being uneventful.

Work flew by today and I didn't have time to read again! I spent the
day finishing my samples from yesterday, microscope work and prepping
things for Monday. I was not nearly as tired as I had been on Thursday
so this helped the day go by faster as well. For lunch apparently I
wasn't moving fast enough by the time I went upstairs then into the
lab to move my samples Simon and Frank gave up looking for me and left
for lunch. I was told they had been looking for me so by the time I
realized they left I had to head out by myself. Luckily I met Andy
along the way and was going to eat with him. We however did manage to
find Simon and Frank and I told them they're impatient! haha they have
to go to lunch everyday at or close to 11:30 as possible.

It was Friday and I had a bit of overtime so I was able to leave at 3
:) I headed to the post office to send Gavan his birthday card then
went shopping. I wanted a found a new bathing suit for Italy next
week! I love the price of things here since tax is already included in
the price you see. It makes it so much easier and helps me a lot since
I"m still working on learning all my numbers! After I headed to the
grocery store. I had found a new one on my run the other night and
went to check it out. It was at least double the size of the one I
have been going to so it was nice! Still nothing like the grocery
stores at home but it's progress.

Tomorrow I'm going to a beach volleyball tournament then a BBQ with
people from work so tonight was pretty chill. Looking at some travel
plans, movie and catching up with some people.

That's all for now, Chow :)

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