Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 7

I can't believe I've been gone a week already! At this rate the
summer is going to go way too fast. Today was a little better at work
I went in earlier so that I wouldn't be left alone today at the end.
When I got there my ID let me into the building today which was a good
start but it wouldn't let me into the lab. So I had to wait at my desk
for Alex to come there. I waited about an hour in this time I almost
memorized my confidentiality agreement and the safety regulations of
the company.... Once Alex came up I was able to get into the lab where
I spent most of the morning there. I spent time with two different
people. The first was in the lab where they were testing the
composition of know and unknown substances. So the machine that i was
watching them use and they were explaining in there best English is
one that I don't know in English and am not sure how to spell in
German (sorry). Essentially it would take the sample heat it very
quickly to a high temperature which cracks the molecules apart. The
data from this is then sent to a computer where with practice and
knowledge about the program you can identify all the different
molecular components of the substance. Pretty cool!

The second lab was more paper processing material testing. While here
Alex and the other intern (pretty sure he's an intern but I don't
remember his name) came to get me to go to lunch. We again ate at the
canteen which was just as busy if not more so than yesterday. This is
probably because it was raining today so everyone was staying inside
with their lunches. The boys were asking me all about hockey, skiing
and Canadian cars at lunch today but I had to explain what sledding
was to them!

For the afternoon I spent reading piles on piles of articles,
journals, reports and magazines all related to paper or non woven
fabrics. For any of you ChE 2525 folks I read a whole magazine that
was about PET. I'm sure it could have been useful for the class as it
was about what countries were making developments, new patents that
had come out (some at voith) and different uses and advantages of it.
That magazine wasn't the only thing that related to school there was
confidence intervals (stats), integrals (all those math courses)
polyamides (chem/organic) and viscosity of fluids (fluids) and stress
strain diagrams (materials) to mention just a few. Turns out we really
are learning useful things that are being applied out there! haha who

That pretty much sums up my day because when I left work it was
raining again. With the rain it brings out giant snails everywhere!
(today's picture) I had to watch where I was walking to make sure I
didn't step on any. With the rain I watched a movie and had dinner.
The whole time it was raining my internet wasn't working so thankfully
it was tonight to get in a skype call.

Everything seems to be in a craze at home with Osama being killed, a
Conservative majority and NDP opposition and oh what's new school
wanting more money from me! haha got to love being a student.... all
for now I'll let you know how free food on the first Wednesday of each
month for interns goes to some local restaurant. that's what they told
me at least so I'm not turning down this potential offer. Wish me luck
and that's all for today :)

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