Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 10
Today was another better day at work (hope this keeps up). Today in
the morning our department had a birthday breakfast for Simon one of
the people in the department. Tradition is that who ever has a
birthday brings breakfast for everyone to share ( I thought it should
be the other way around). There was lots to eat. I had to ask what
some things were because the packaging was weird. Then there was what
looked like a pile of raw meat and people were putting it on their
rolls. So I asked and got a reply of "raw meat, onions and spices" so
i said I would pass on that one! They were all speaking German for the
whole hour of breakfast so I just nodded and smiled a bit. I was able
to pick up a few words here and there. I spent the morning with my
supervisor doing safety orientation. Frank, Alex and I went to lunch
and were able to eat outside because it was gorgeous out today! Our
conversation however was all about snow in Canada. They can't believe
how much snow we get.

For the afternoon I got my assignment for the next three weeks! I'm
going to be setting up an experiment to test fabric properties so
should be cool. Then I'll be working on a design project! and going
out to some different plants :) things are picking up (yay) I also had
and email from the German professor who set up my internship today.
Apparently he's been trying to get a hold of me at the company but the
people he's been calling have yet to be in when he called. So I
emailed him back saying I was alive and things were going great.

I didn't make it to visit Emily for the weekend so I'm going to stay
here. There is a market on Saturday mornings I want to check out and I
want to find out more about the music festival that is here next week.
So for now cheers :)

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