Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 4 and 5 (weekend!)

Today (Saturday) was a gorgeous day here in Heidenhiem. I wasn't sure
how warm it was until I left because I couldn't find a website with
the weather conditions on it. So I dressed for any weather and headed
out for more adventuring around noon time. I had made plans with
another Canadian intern to meet for a late lunch so I had some time to
kill. I decided to take a path way that I had found the night before
and I'm glad I did! It ended taking me right into the main street down
towns and was much quicker than the way I had been walking. I also
found that there is a Saturday market in front of the town hall or
"Rathaus" but it was just packing up when I got there. I'm excited
about it and will have to check it out soon.

Everyone was out and about down town and one thing I've learned for
sure is that everyone is always dressed up here. The girls are always
wearing heels to which I'm not sure if I can get into in these cobble
stone streets (not to mention the hill I live on). Another thing that
is good about the heels is I'm definitely not a "tall" person here!
There are a lot of girls and guys who are way taller than what is
common at home and more of them too haha.

I met with Meri (another intern) around 2 for a late lunch and we
decided to head to a place that generally serves traditional German
food. It was great I let Meri do the ordering but she explained what
everything was. We ordered some beer to go with lunch (always order
your drink first), beer is one of the cheapest things you can order
it's cheaper than pop and juice. When the waiter brought our drinks
over they gave me another pointer before we cheered and drank. "You
must always look the other people in the eye when you cheers" why
might you ask? well if you do not it will give you seven years of bad
sex...luck? no sex. haha I died laughing at this because apparently
waiters and even adults stick to this and warn people about it all the
time. The food was great and it was so nice to sit outside and enjoy
some real food.

When we were done we walked around a bit seeing different important
places like the post office. Then we headed to Meri's flat for hot
chocolate and brownies and to meet her roommates as well.After saying
goodbye I headed back up the hill.

Once dropping my stuff off I decided to take a walk around the castle
grounds again before it got dark. It was starting to storm so I
grabbed my jacket and braved the chances. I found some more trail to
try later and found that there is a giant fencing tournament here this
weekend. It's not any tournament but one of the worlds largest! Who
knew, but it does explain the groups walking around in different
country track suits the last few days. It started to thunder and
lightening so I headed in for the night just in time before the rain

Day 5

Today (Sunday) was a rainy day so for the morning I just stayed in and
attempted to learn some more German ( I was suppose to start this in
March...). I then grabbed my rain coat and headed down town in the
afternoon to meet up with Meri again. We decided to got to a Thai
place for dinner which was interesting. I was super hungry and looking
forward to Thai food. Then it came to ordering Meri thought I should
start practicing and order for my self once she explained different
options to me. It was a challenge and I tried not laughing at myself.
In the end I managed to order a giant spring roll (homemade and super
yummy) and a red curry chicken dish with some sparkling apple juice.
Trust me that's not what what I said sounded like and I know it was
pretty far off of the German words too. Oh well I'll get it in time.
The place was great and obviously really popular there was even a mob
of Russian fencers there too.

Once stuffing ourselves with food we had the rest packaged up to go
(most places apparently frown at you wanting to pack things up here
but this place was okay since they have take out too). We then went
back to Meri's flat for a bit (it's right on the main street so it's
close to everything which is great)

Today wans't the most filled but I do know a few things I haven't
mentioned. I've had a few encounters with odd people I was sitting on
a bench down town and a mad approached me and kept saying something
about coffee and pointing to the cafe I was beside. I just shook my
head no and he left. Then when I was with the lady from work we were
outside town hall talking when a little girl (about 10 I would say)
asked her what language I was speaking! haha Also I've figure out that
most people smoke of all ages (not a big fan of this). And like every
town it has it's charachters here it seems to be the four hobo looking
people that sit outside of the bank/town hall area drinking beer I've
seen them almost every day.

Tomorrow is my first day of work (eekk) so this is all for now, enjoy :)

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