Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday (I've really lost count now)

So, I lied yesterday the picture was of the newspaper in Stuttgart.
Not of the Mercedes Benz Museum. That is today's picture though. The
newspaper I found on the bench while waiting for the train. I have no
idea what any of it was really about but there was a picture of Lady
Gaga and Count Dracula on the over. I thought that was a random
combination and worth sharing.

Today was an okay day at work. I was suppose to be learning how to
work a new machine to run some different tests with Tobbie. However,
Tobbie has been very sick and I've only met him a few times since I
started work. He had been at work the last three days but didn't make
it in today. It seems that all the other ones that I know how to work
were being used, didn't need to be used today or our friendly British
repair man was still fixing. You would never guess what I got to do...
read! haha I'm almost done the Handbook of Paper and Board Making I
don't think I want to know what they'll give me next.

After lunch, which was another hot and sunny day meal eaten outside,
Frank helped me figure out what this letter about the census is. He
was a bit confused by it too and he is German! He ended up calling the
person that is coming to do the census with me. Turns out that I'm
still suppose to do it but now he knows that I speak English. He'll be
here tomorrow night to do the census but in Englsih version for me. He
asked if I lived with someone that was German... good joke as I'm
still working on catching my neighbors. After that was all figure out
we looked up some places I should travel. Then Frank told me about
this lovely ash cloud that is moving over Europe! I had no clue. I
hope that I still get to go to Italy next weekend or I will not be a
happy person.

After this I did find some test to do. Gloria had a few things for me
to do and showed me how the laser machine works. So that means I'll
also have something to do tomorrow! Each test takes about an hour to
run (most of this is waiting time but better then just waiting for
nothing) and there are 32 samples to be run. After this the day was
done at work. I headed to the post office to send a few things away.
As I was walking and looking for the post office (I just knew it was
by the train station) Frank arrived and scared me on his bike. He has
a habit of doing that lately and he thinks it's funny! Not at all but
he showed me where the post office was and I was able to send my
things to Canada. The lady at the post office seemed interested in the
fact they were going to Canada.

After getting home I made some supper then headed out for a run. I
think that if I had this place to run in always then I would go
everyday! My legs are finally not bruised as much from my lovely bike
crash that running wasn't a chore. Which is nice and this place really
is beautiful to not only run in but be in.

That's all for tonight! Tomorrow is Stammtisch so there most likely
won't be another post until Thursday. Chow :)

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