Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 21

So let's go with wow I've been here three weeks already! That just
blows my mind. Today the weather was a bit warmer not very much sun
but at least there wasn't any rain!

Work was good for the morning I was in the lab doing a bunch of
different things. I was also helping them with more English words. One
that none of them can grab onto is width. I'm not sure why but it
seems to get them. I am getting very good at playing fill in the blank
with conversations that is for sure. I think I really need them to
speak more German though because if I keep this rate of learning up
I'll be able to get by maybe by the time summer is over.

As the day got closer to lunch I was helping Simon with a few things.
It was almost lunch time so he said we would do the next thing after
lunch. I was apparently confused to what he meant because he said go
to lunch Frank is going too and be back here at 12. What he really
meant was to go to eat at 12.... we ended up going at 11:30 because of
the mix up. It was a semi good thing because there was barely a line
to wait for food. I pointed this out to make my misunderstanding seem
a bit better! haha

I ate lunch quickly because I wanted to go pick up my passport from
the town hall. After first going to the wrong room I was able to make
it to the right place. The bad thing was that she said I couldn't have
my passport yet. The lady I was talking to today could barely speak
English and had to pull a translator up to tell me why. Turns out that
they did not get all my health insurance papers so I can't have my
passport back yet. Tomorrow I plan on taking all the papers I have to
them and see if what they want is there. I really need my passport
back as I'm flying to Italy in 2 weeks!

For the afternoon I ran out of things to do. I was able to finally
figure out what my postal address is though with Simon's help. I was
trying to fill out a form for the train pass I bought but didn't know
how. With some help of the slow internet we figured it out. There was
nothing for me to do then so Simon said he would come get me once he
was done what he was doing and then we could work on something else.
He never came. So I spent most of the afternoon reading. I did help
another inter, Guillaume ( I think that's how you spell it), correct
his paper. He is from France doing his masters internship here at
Voith but needed to write his paper in English. We went through it
once and he is going to bring it back once he's made some changes. It
wasn't too bad just a few sentance structure and words that didn't
mean the same thing.

After work I went to the train station to hand in my completed form :)
after I looked up priced for a weekend trip to Stuttgart this weekend.
Once I had that figured out I headed to the grocery store to pick up
some juice and pasta sauce for supper. Walked around a bit came home
made supper showered and am now writing this. I'm still a little sore
from the bike crash on Friday so I'm going to wait another day before
going for another run. Tomorrow night I'm meeting with some of the
other interns for a BBQ so if I don't get a blog in that is why. Chow

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