Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 15

Well I'll start off with my normal it was gorgeous and sunny here
yet again today. It was a bit muggy though but not nearly as it gets
back home.

Today was another fairly fast day at work. When I arrived this
morning I had my own work to do. I set up extractions for the first
bit (told this is my job for a while). After they were all set up I
had three hours to kill. So I learned how to use the infrared scope to
collect data on all the extraction samples that I have been
helping/taking all week. This was cool as it takes a tiny sample and
generates a graph that tell you the components of the compound. This
is the hard part and is left to someone else to do but there were a
few sample of known substances that I could compare to. Before I knew
it it was lunch time. Sadly there were no spots left outside so we had
to eat inside. Canteen today had line ups like it was chicken burger
day at school but it was better because there was lasagna and that is
what everyone was after. Frank and I waited in the line for this but
Simon said he was too hungry and headed to the other line for some of
the other choices. Our wait was worthwhile :) Most of lunch was silent
as the food was great other than to quiz me on some German words.
Frank did ask me if I was in the sun though since I looked red
today... I was only in the sun for about an hour yesterday. So I'm not
sure but it was so nice of him to point it out!

For the afternoon I didn't have as much to do. I helped Carmen with a
few things. I did talk to my supervisor for a while. I initially was
asking about a day that I could have off to go to Italy for (she said
yes) but then we got to talking about the best places to go. We looked
at the calender and she pointed some different long weekends and what
places she thought would be good when. She likes most of the places
that I'm interested in going to and is going to bring me some travel
guides next week! This reminds me of a random fact is that everyone
drinks carbonated water here. There is a water cooler in the vending
machine room on ground floor. However the options are different then
those at home. You can have clear water, half bubbly or full bubbly.
I'm pretty much the only one that drinks the normal they all say the
carbonated tastes cleaner.... just taste like pop with no flavor to me.

I left work a bit early today because I needed to pick up my bank card
from the bank. It was another one of those the other person doesn't
know great English times. The girl I was with last time was in a
meeting so the one I had today tried her best. I got my card and pin
but she wasn't able to explain this crazy box thing I now have so I
can have online banking. Apparently I put my card in and hold it up to
the screen when I want to log in or use it. I'll let you know how that
ones goes. After I picked up my ticket for the festival this weekend
then just biked around for a bit. After supper I spent most of the
time looking up travel plans/deals for the rest of summer! After my
skype call I'm waiting for I'm off to bed as I need to be into work
earlier than normal tomorrow. Chow :)

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