Sunday, June 12, 2011

Venice days 1 & 2

My trip to Venice began on Friday after work. It seemed that again
Heidenheim was alive another weekend that I was leaving. At lunch we
went to the ice cream store in town, called just ice in German, and
there were all kinds of stands and vendors setting up in the
pedestrian square. On my way to the train station after work the
street was a busy spot however I have yet to learn what is going on
there. Maybe when I return I can find out.

In order to get to Venice I had to switch trains twice. I arrived in
Ulm with no problems however when I went to my platform for my next
train the sign was saying the train to Munich was 50 mins late! Not
good. After talking to some locals and a platform assistant I
discovered my train was on time it was the train that was suppose to
be an hour earlier to Munich that was late. So with this I made my ICE
train to Munich with no problems. This was the first train I have had
that had English announcements which was a very nice train. Not to
mention it's average speed was at 160km/h. In Munich I had 20 mins to
change platforms to my next train. So I grabbed some supper and had a
very sad attendant when he found out I was Canadian and
not American. I'm not sure why since he thought they were the same thing...

On my overnight train to Venice I was in a compartment reminded me
greatly of the Hogwarts Express! I was in a car with two older couples and
a older man too. They did not have great English and were not overly
talkative which was a shame since it was semi hard to sleep since I was in
the middle seat. None the less I was able to get some sleep on and off
before arriving in Venice on Saturday morning

The train arrived early and it was very peaceful in the city when I arrived
since most people were not out for the day yet. I had a few hours to kill
before I could check into the hotel. I bought a map and was off with
backpack in tow. I seemed yo cover a lot of the city on the train station
side and found my way to the Realto bridge. The grand canal was bustling
and the water traffic was very interesting to watch. After this I returned
to the train station to reevaluate my location and determine a path to the
hotel. Here on the steps I met some American girls that were traveling
Europe for three weeks. After saying goodbye we parted ways then for Rome
and I for the hotel. The one notable fact if Venice in the maze of paths
through the city with many dead ends and useless maps and signs. With this I
managed to tour quite a bit of three districts. There was also a storm
moving in which I was being optimistic about.... At a dead end to the canal
it began to thunder and lightening as well as a down pour! Here I met a
British family as well as an American couple. The American couple were
attempting to head in the same direction as I was and had an extra
umbrella. So I set off with them buying my own umbrella along the way
before we parted ways at the Rialto bridge. Here I was able to find my was
to Pizza San Marco which was suppose to be close to my hotel. I knew the
canal that our hotel was on but was having no luck. After many attempts and
asking for help I mistakenly came across it when I wasn't expectig to. So I
checked in enjoyed a jicuzi bath and a nap before supper. I had a panini
for supper in the square before returning ti out palace hotel to wait for
Ruth and Don's arrival. Once they arrivednwe headed to bed for he night.

Today we were up early and had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel before
heading to the square where we were taking part in a walking tour. It was a
great and beautiful tour. We learned a lot of history and took some
beautiful pictures. The one big thing of the churches and history that was
crazy to believe was the Venice hospital the architecture was more like a
church and happened to be where our guide had been born. To finish off our
tour we went to the palace on the square where the courts and jail was
along with where the Doge lived. The details in the buildings and
immaculate detail in the paintings was very interestig to see. We also were
tonthe glumy dungeons across the bridge of sigh. After our tourbwas done we
headed to the hotel to freshen up before having lunch a a recommended cafe.

At lunch we met an older gentleman who was Italian. He had been to Halifax
in the 60's to visit family. He was very interested in helping us and sent
us to the Campo San Racco for the afternoon. Here we found an old church
where there was a choir practice happening that we listened to. After we
headed to the museum of San Roch to see the paintings of Tintoretto. The
detail and amazing work was unbelievable to see! Once we were finished here
we stopped for cappochinos before taking the water bus back to the
squre.once back at the square we found our way back to the hotel to change
before dinner. For dinner we went to another local recommended restaurant
which was fabulos. To finish our evening off we strolled ( getting lost fir
only a while) along the paths and grand canal before calling it a night.

Tomorrow will be another busy day wa we want to get to the Ghetto and to the
island famous for it's glass blowing. So with that I say nighty night!

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