Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Once we landed back in Germany we had almost a whole day to use. We
really wanted some eggs and bacon for breakfast and set out for the
hunt in Memmingen. It really was a hunt because this is not a typical
breakfast for German's as they're all about the carbs. After even
attempting to ask for a McDonalds (fail) we found a restaurant that
was open and willing to cook us eggs! The waiter had some translation
issues but we were able to have the beast scrambled eggs ever, buns,
fruit, cheese, juice and tea. There was to be croissants but they
didn't arrive until we were ready to go. So we packed them up along
with a box of cheese since there was way to much with the meals. We
still have about an hour to kill in Memmingen until our train so we
visited one of the many H&M's there is here.

Erin, Jenn, Emily Colin and I were off to Lake Constance for the
rest of the day since we were so close. When we arrived we stored our
bags in a locker at the train station then headed to the park to have
our croissants and cheese for lunch. We were pretty tired but made the
most of it. We toured around the board walk and went to the
castle/church. We were looking for a bathroom in the mids of this and
came on a theater. We didn't know that's what it was at the time but
we went to see if there was a bathroom. The door was open so we went
in.... there was no one there but we could hear some sort of practice
happening from the theater. Since we were in we used their great
bathrooms and left unnoticed. We thought we were doing great then a
little while later once we had walked on Erin noticed that her bag was
missing! So we resnuck into the theater and were on our way. After
this we found a place to rent paddle boat so we did just that. It was
a beautiful day and the lake was great. I think the best part however
was in one sweep of your head you could see Germany, Austria and
Switzerland! So nice :) We ended the day by grabbing some dinner
before catching our seperate trains home

When I arrived home on Saturday night I was surprised. You see after
6PM the city is pretty quiet since cafe, bars and restaurants are the
only things open. This wasn't the case on Saturday! There were tonnes
of people around, beer stands, kid games and the shops were open. I
had no idea what was going on. I even came across a fashion show and a
marching band. To solve the problem I called Meri to discover it was a
late night shopping event in the city since the running race was in
the city the next day too. After my confusion was solved I headed home
and went to bed.


Sunday the plan was to meet the gang at the race and have water
halfway for them. I woke up at 7 but didn't need to be ther until 9 so
I went back to bed...I was woken at 10:30 by Meri saying she had just
finished and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the pool for the
afternoon. I felt really bad but they had all ended up doing the 10k
rather then the 21 so they weren't too bad off with the water stations
that were there. I spent the afternoon with Meri, Rebecca, Renee, Andi
and Frank at the pool. It really was more like a park since the pool
was enclosed by a large park area that had courts, games, lawn, trees
and other such things. To end the day off we ordered pizza (we found a
delivery place!) and called it a day.


Going to work on Monday had nothing on the past few days I had had.
I however survived the day and didn't have any readings to do! The day
was a quick one but very hot! After work and supper Frank and I went
to the Wildlife Park that is behind my apartment! Who knew! I didn't
believe that it was there because I go running all around her but
there was and it is really neat. So I think I've found a new place to


Nothing overly exciting this day. Other then it was Christian, works
in our department, last day. He is starting work with another company.
So to end his time he bought pizza for lunch for everyone. I thought
this was great but it got better. At 3 in the afternoon Christian
brought out several cakes and cupcakes and everyone once again
gathered for a bit. I'm getting much better at these gatherings and
can now sometimes follow bits and pieces of the conversation. Every
once and a while people will also fill me in in English which is
great. After work I had a bunch of errands to run to the post office
the grocery store and the vodafone to put money on my internet stick.
Then to finish the day I cleaned my apartment, had supper and went for
a run in the nature park.


Today there was nothing once again over special at work but it was a
pretty good day. All this week I"m trying to build up some over time
since I"m staying an extra day in Venice next week. So the day was
longer then normal but I had things to do so it wasn't too bad at all.
As it is Wednesday it is Stammtisch day. Tonight we met at a pub that
is at the bottom of the castle. I was a little worried at first when I
got there since the people I normally talk to weren't there. So the
German was flying and fast at that. It however did get better as Julia
and Dan arrived as well as two new American inters. So I had some
English before I left. I'm glad there are some new English speaking
people because sadly Meri leaves at the end of the month.

That should have the past few days all caught up! So I'm off to bed, Chow :)

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