Monday, June 13, 2011

Venice day 3

Today was my third day in Venice and I must conclude that " Venice is Venice "

This morning we woke up and headed down to our breakfast. Our hotel
that we are staying in is a palace which was a house to a wealthy
family. Where we had breakfast was in the basement and it was all
glassed off showing the servant entrance to the building. After we had
eaten and met some British folk we got ready for our day. While I was
waiting for Ruth and Don I was out on the front balcony of the hotel.
We are right on a canal and have a water entry to the palace. Here I
was able to watch he morning traffic including the mail boat which was
passing. They have boats for everything since there is no cars here or
roads. We'veseen mail, garbage, taxi, buses, delivery, gondola,and
even police and ambulance to name a few.

For the morning Ruth and I wanted to head to the Jewish ghetto and
Donnie wanted to stop by the hospital which we had been outside of
yesterday. So this is what we did.... Or were aiming to do. We found
the hospital with no troubles and walked around in it for a bit. We
detained the different wards and sections. This hospital is no
ordinary hospital as the building is carved and structured with
similar details as a church. Ov the years it has been added onto so it
is not all fully detailed like the entrance is.after leaving the
hospital we were headed to the ghetto. From the map it looked fairly
easy but we have learned it is just easier to ask since the maps are
not detailed enough so you end up taking many wrong turns and circling
around. This is what we did at first we thought we were making good
way. The it turns out that we were back by the hospital entrance!
Eventually we did make it to the ghetto eith some help along the way.

When wereached the ghetto we walked to the centre. Here we were able
to pick out the synagogues. Since the ghetto was so packed they were
a few floors up but signified by the 5. Windows in the front of the
buildings. We went into one of them but just the museum since to get
into the synagogue you had to do a guided tour and we figured it would
be a lot about the religion. Once done here we left the ghetto for San
mark by water bus to have lunch.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to grab our tickets to go to
the Murano island. We got our boat at 2 and headed for the glass
blowing island. The island was were the glass makers were sent to
avoid the threat of burning Venice down. The glass blowing we saw was
just amazing! The master we watched made a vase in no time. After this
he made a glass hours in less then 5 minutes! Once our tour of the
factory was finished we headed to the show room to see the works. Here
I got a glass bead hand done to wear as a pendant on a necklace. Our
time on the island was limited due to our boat but it was great to get
out there.

Once we were back to the main city Ruth and I headed to the s. Marco
church. There was a massive line up for this church partly due to tour
and the other i'm sure because it was free. To avoid this we just
walked in by the front of the line ... No one seemed to care or
notice! We walked around here seeing the different sections of the
church, the mosaics and the golden alter picture which was cover in
jewels as well. Since we saw what we could and didn't cross a path
with an English tour we called the visit done.

We came back to the hotel after this to relax,change and clean up for
dinner. At this time it began to rain though. Our plans had been to
eat in the grand canal but we decided to try another local place.
Which we did and I had some delicious pasta as my main meal. One
notable things is that the waiting service here in Italy is nothing
like that of home. They do not seem to smile, care to any extent what
you think and have virtually no pleasant attitudes. They can get away
with this since you pay automatic service charges with meals.

After dinner we had another of our what turns out to be walking in
circles even though we never seem to turn enough corner walks. With
nice again help from locals we found our way to the Marco square. Here
we sat and listened to a live band in the square while Ruth and Don
enjoyed what turned out to be some steeply priced cappochinos. Once we
were done here we wandered back to our palace ( with not getting lost
once! Haha) and called it a night

Tomorrow I have the morning I Venice but then need to train back to
Germany so I can be back to work Wednesday. So that is a all most
likely until Wednesday or Thursday. Chow :)

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