Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday - Thursday

Tuesday was my last morning in Venice. We were up pretty early and had
a good breakfast before heading out for the morning. We took a walk
down the canal in the direction we hadn't been yet and we discovered a
really big street. The best part was that it wasn't crowded. After
exploring here and finding a really cool park we headed back to the
main section of the city. Here we were looking through shops since we
hadn't done that at all the whole trip. Ruth and I found a little shop
with dresses and things so Donnie left us here. We each found a summer
dress whihc was great. We also were in another store with Italian
leather were Ruth bought some gifts for people and I got a new little
bag :) After our little bit of shopping we headed back to the hotel to
get my things because I was leaving just after noon. Once I was all
packed up we caught the water bus to the train station and had some
lunch before I boarded. It was so nice to spend the weekend with Ruth
and Don since I don't see them very often any more!

The rest of my day was spent on the trains. I had a better train that
was more comfortable then the way down which helped a lot. I met a few
different people from all over which made the time go quickly. The
view was amazing as well! Train ride through the Alps was beautiful. I
arrived back home just after 11 on Tuesday night with a friend waiting
to pick me up so I didn't have to walk home in the dark! Which was so
nice and I was dead by this time so gladly accepted.

Wednesday and today were really busy day's at work. I had a tonne to
do which was great since I was still pretty tired from the weekend. I
was all over the place with work but managed to finish and hand in my
first lab report and testing results that I had completed all by
myself :)

Last night was Stammtisch and was a really great one. There are two
knew American interns so them along with Meri and myself brings the
English conversations a lot more. Which is good because my German is
not that great. It really is a hard language to learn. Plus it doesn't
help that everyone else wants to improve their English so that's what
they talk to me. I would like to learn some more German but I don't
think I will be fluent in it by the time I leave in August.

Today after work there was a storm brewing so I headed straight home.
NO sooner did I get inside did the thunder and lightening as well as
rain start! So I will be spending my night catching up on some sleep
and some reading. All for now, Chow!

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