Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now from I'm not too sure when....

Where has the time gone?! The last post I think was almost two weeks
ago now so I apologies for that. Time has been going so fast I don't
even know where to start. I guess with the week before last when I
returned from Venice. I had only 3 days of work that week and had
planned a chill weekend just a visit to Ulm on Saturday. This however
did not work as when I awoke on Saturday it was pouring rain and the
forecast looked the same for the rest of the day. So I took a much
needed break just watching movies and reading for the weekend. I think
other than my very first weekend here I have not done this. That
Friday was the day that my internet horribly crashed as well.... 65
euro later and over 3 hours spent at the store over 2 days I have
internet once again!

Last week was another short work week as the German's seem to have a
lot of holiday's in June. They're christian holiday's so I'm not
exactly sure why they are here and not in Canada.....

For the weekend the original was to head to Switzerland and hike in
the Alps but this didn't go through. So instead I did a loop if
Germany and France :) no big deal I know! haha It was great that is to
say the least. It was a four day trip the first in Frieburg, Germany
then Nancy, France the third day was Strasbourg, France and the last
day was wondering and stopping in a different small towns on the way
back home on Sunday.

That is the sum of the trip I had really wanted to go to Nancy it is
so close so I'm glad I did. On the way there we drove through the
black forest which was a gorgeous drive to say the least. The cities
were all very unique and lovely. I think that going into full
explanations of what I saw and did over those four days would write a
short novel. So if you have any specific questions just ask. One thing
to note however is that it is very noticeable that European cities are
noticeably built around water and water systems. I did see most of the
monuments and notable places at each city including the European
Parliament in Strasbourg.

Once I was back on Sunday I was dead and called it a night. Yesterday
and today have been very hot here that is for sure! Today was above 36
plus the humidity so having to wear pants to work is not very nice.
Today however we left work early to head to the pool for the afternoon
because it was so hot. It was packed for being a work day and not a
holiday but I can understand why. The water was great and then some of
the other interns and I played a German card game but in English so
that I could play along which was really nice of them.

On that note my German seems to be improving lately I have a few
sentences down can order food at restaurants and the bakery and can
address people the correct way! Hopefully this is a good sign as I
would like to know the minimal basics by the time I leave.

Sadly this is all for now since it is getting late. However, I will
say that I will try to keep this more updated again now that I have
internet back! Chow :D

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