Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The weather has finally decided to turn nice again. The mornings are
still chilly and feel close enough to frost temperatures but by the
afternoon it is above 20 degrees. I was thinking that I was not going
to get to enjoy the last bit of summer here but I was wrong. On the
weekend I even got a bit of sunburn. I forgot to pack sunscreen as I
have not needed it for several weeks.

With the great weather there is a lot going on this week. Monday night
we went to beer bingo. Basically you get a bingo card for every beer
that you order and at 10:30 they start. The cards are different than I
have ever seen bingo on but you still need a row of 5. There were
prizes for the first 10 bingos and then one big prize for the first
person to fill their card.

Yesterday was another beautiful day. It was really hot when I left
work and was still warm at 9 last night. There was a soccer game last
night so that is what we did yesterday to take in the warm weather.
They were playing Jena but it was not a good game with no one scoring
the whole game. The crowds were however just as good as the past two
times I have gone. Yesterday they were passing out confetti,
streamers, balloons and flags to the crowd so there were things flying
the whole game. Even at the goalies?.

Today is another great day so far the sun was shining when I woke up
and is promised to stay for the whole day. The high of the day is 26
and I think there will be no problem reaching this. So the activity
for today is Stammtisch at the Stadtgarten. This is another last for
me as Stammtisch is only once a week so this is the last chance I will
have to see some of the other interns.

The picture for today is of my lovely pink bicycle that I had here for
the summer. I sold it on Friday but remembered to take a picture of it
before I gave it to the new owner a Brazilian trainee. He said he has
not been on a bike in years so hopefully he does okay. I am borrowing
bikes this week I had Andy's the first few days and now I have Frank's
as he is away for interviews.

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