Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today was finally a nice day out! There was sun and it was warm : )

Too bad I was at work late but I did enjoy the weather on my lunch as
Frank and I went downtown to get ice cream. Work is still slow they
were looking for things for me to do today but ran into some trouble.
I was about to start a test that would have taken me a few hours when
Carmen remembered they had just recalibrated the machine. This meant
that tests had to be run first to make sure they match the settings of
previous labs. The problem with this was that Christian was the one
who originally did this and he is no longer with the company. So until
we can find his work and test the machine I will have to keep working
on my own things I guess.

What I was thinking/working on most of the day was figuring out what I
want to do this weekend as it is calling for rain and not warm
weather?.again. I think I will just take a day trip on Saturday to Ulm
or near the Swiss boarder. If I go to Ulm (the next closest bigger
city) there are lots of things to see as it is the birth place of
Albert Einstein and it has the world?s tallest church steeple. I guess
I will figure it out as we get closer though. If I do stay here it is
also one of my friend?s birthdays so it would be nice to go to that.
Also, I am still working on planning next weekend I just need to see
who is able to come so far the response has not been good everyone is
making their own plans now that we are getting use to and better at
traveling here! Either way I will go even if it is just two or three
of us as it is sadly my last weekend and adventure of the summer.

A little random fact is that most German?s hate and even cringe at the
mentioning of peanut butter! They really don?t like it. I have met a
few who do but the rest give them odd looks when one person says they
like it. I have managed to convince a few people to try it but they
were not pleased which I just don?t understand. I was once eating
peanut butter and banana (delicious I know) at work and Frank started
making a puking face and would not even try it! With this huge
dislike it is understandable why I had such a hard time finding peanut
butter. I had to ask at work where to get it and the only place is the
largest grocery store here. Even then there are only two brands to
choose from American Style or Bio-Best which both come only in tiny
350g jars. I have encountered many other odd food situations this
summer (like raw meat and not being able to have/find bacon and eggs
for breakfast) but I think the hate of peanut butter is the worst.

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