Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This weekend was another quick one! I had Heidenheim as home base once
again making a day trip to Ulm on Saturday.

Friday at work went by very quickly as I had my notebook at work. I
was able to get the information about what I need to do to complete my
internship as well as worked on some of my own things for school. I
printed off the employer's survey and gave it to my supervisor or
complete before we go over it. I was also able to get the template of
the log book I am to be keeping over the summer and transferred the
work I have already done into it. Friday was a great night too. Last
week was my friend Julia's birthday so Friday night she had people to
her house for a bbq. It was raining slightly (surprise surprise) but
we were still able to be outside on the patio.

Saturday I was up and off to Ulm with Frank catching the train at
10am. The train ride is about an hour long so I arrived at 11 just in
time to catch the end of the morning market. I love markets so I was
very happy with this and had I not been staying in Ulm all day I am
sure I would have bought some of the fresh veggies. After walking
through the market I went down to the waterfront. The river that runs
through Ulm is also the divider of the Baden Württemberg and Bavarian
provinces. On the water there are path ways but you can also walk on
top of the 'new' city wall. I also went to the old city wall which is
farther in from the water. Along here I was able to find the world?s
most crooked house. It was very crooked indeed. After this I headed
back towards the city center to try and find the Albert Einstein
fountain as Ulm is the birth place of Albert. I was not able to find
it however I did fine the monument of where his house was that he was
born in. It is no longer standing as it would be in the center of a
walkway now and very close to the main train station. Ulm has a very
large train station with many connections going through here this is
why I have been to the train station several times and not into the
actual city before. Ulm is also home of the world's tallest church
steeple and the narrowest house. We were able to climb the church
tower (really great view!) but were not able to find the narrowest
house. It did not help that when I got a map from the information
center she gave me everything in German even though I spoke to her in
English. I know that the house is only 4.5 meters wide so I could have
walked by it without noticing or thinking it was part of the building
next to it as the houses are often attached. After grabbing a late
lunch we headed back to Heidenheim.

Ulm wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be as it was hard to
find things but I am glad I went to the church and of course the
birthplace of Einstein.

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