Monday, August 1, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

This weekend wasn?t as eventful as the past few which was kind of
nice. The original plan had been to go camping but with a weather
outlook of rain and a high temperature of 16 we decided to hold out a
week. I hadn?t been feeling great all week and worked a bunch of
overtime so the slow weekend was needed.

Friday after work I stopped at the bakery and that was the most
eventful thing. As I picked up some groceries for the weekend and took
my sweets from the bakery and called it a night by watching a movie.

Saturday I took the opportunity to sleep in, have a good breakfast and
do some laundry for the morning. I had bought some eggs to have and am
still wondering how but every egg in the pack of 6 had a double yolk!
I bought another pack on Sunday and so far I have the same results.
They are called XL Golden Eggs so who knows. For the afternoon I went
with a group of friends to the soccer game here. It was almost a sold
out stadium so it was eventful! The home team is a division 3 team and
was playing Bermen a division 1 team for a special tournament
happening now. The crowds were pumped everyone was decked out in the
team colors, waving flags and cheering as loud as possible. To start
one end of the stadium had signs that made one huge sign which was
really cool. At different points in the game people were throwing
smoke sticks and fireworks onto the field as well. Needless to say the
crowd was even happier when out team ended up winning. I didn?t stay
much past the end of the game but apparently the other team had a bit
of trouble leaving. Their fans were not in the least bit happy and
blocked the team?s bus from leaving while throwing beer cans and
whatever else they had at the bus. Apparently these events are nothing
as the same day a riot broke out in one of the games in Berlin. It is
easy to tell why there are so much police force ambulances and police
dressed in SWAT team looking gear around. After the game we had a bbq
at one of my friend?s house and then I called it another early night.

Sunday was even less eventful as I slept in, had more of those crazy
eggs, watched another movie, went for a bike ride, made supper, skyped
for a little while and then went to bed.

I am hoping that this week is busier at work than it was last week but
today wasn?t much improvement. As I only have 3 weeks left I can?t
start a large project and there are not many day to day jobs left that
I haven?t done yet. I am spending the time reading (my own books) and
planning things for school and the fall. I am almost done planning my
last two weekends as well, another attempt at camping this weekend
then being adventurous and booking a blind flight! We will end up in
Vienna, Barcelona, London or Budapest but we won?t know until it is
booked. So that should be interesting and the weekend after that I am
headed home.

That?s my life update for now, Chow : )

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