Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well the last two days have been very tame work days and very rainy. I
had to leave my bike at home today since an umbrella was needed!
Monday afternoon was scorching hot then the rain, thunder and
lightening started that night and has yet to really give up for more
then short periods of time. With the rain I was thankfully able to get
some laundry done and catch up on my reading.

Work was a bit slow today compared to yesterday. I was busy working on
a lab and doing nanoscans but today no one had much for me to do other
than to continue nanoscans. So I took the time to organize my head
onto paper a bit with some to do list and planning for school and
proctor programs. Some how the day did go rather quickly so it was nice.

Tonight was another rainy day so after work I went to the train
station to cancel my bahn card (you have to do it 6 weeks early) and
they said they actually send my my plastic card in the next few days
as I haven't received it yet (that was because I didn't know about
needing your name on the box..). After that I headed home for some
supper, shower and packing as I am off to Paris for the weekend!

Emily Colin and I are flying in tomorrow night and Erin, Jenn and
JOrdan arrive by train on Friday morning. It hopefully should be a
great weekend! We fly back in on Sunday but I am going to stay in
Stuttgart for the afternoon so I can see the new Harry Potter movie in
ENGLISH! yay I think I'm in for a great weekend. So with that I say
good night and will fill you in more on this crazy Canadian's
adventures next week! Chow:)

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