Monday, July 11, 2011

Dresden Weekend Adventures

The weekend started off as an early morning of being to work by 7am so
I could leave early for the weekend. I was impressed that I made it on
time and was fully awake! There however was an interesting situation
when I arrived. A few people from the building were all standing
outside looking at something in doorway to the office. When I got
closer I found out that it was a boy my guess is about 13 or so asleep
in a ball... I never did find out where/who he was as my German is
still not there. There were enough people to look after him without me
and my lack of communication so I continued on with my day.

Work went by very fast on Friday it usually is one of the longest days
since I am waiting to go somewhere usually. I spent the day running
nanofocus pictures and started taking inventory and sorting the
chemicals in the chem lab.

Once the time arrived I headed out. We were driving which means the
autobahn in this country! I am however getting use to it I think as at
one point I asked why we were going so slow and we were actually going
120 km/h. I am not driving and was driving with someone who has driven
many many times so no worries. It took us about 5 hours to go from
Heidenheim to Dresden but the drive was great and very beautiful. At
one point we were literally driving on the Czech boarder. Another
point in time you could clearly tell where the old boarder between
East and West Germany was so it was an interesting drive.

Once we arrived cleaned up and dropped our things off we headed out
for supper. We went to a great place to eat and I once again confused
the waiter by speaking different languages each time they came to the
table. After dinner we headed to down town as it is gorgeous in the
dark with all the lights. There was a concert going on as well on the
water front so we could hear it form the bridge which is one of the
things that Dresden is famous for. After this we took the tram home as
it was getting late and we were tired from the day of traveling.

For Saturday we were tourists for a good part of the day and I learned
a lot about the city's history and different aspects of how it was
affected by the war. One of the churches that was almost completely
destroyed was just finished being rebuilt in the past 5 years. After
a short nap and some supper (found chicken wings!) We headed back to
the river to meet some friends for the evening. It was really great we
all took blankets drinks and snacks and relaxed by the river listening
to music (there was another concert) and ended the night with
fireworks. As the steam boats that run the river were 175 years (just
a bit older then Canada but hey)

For Sunday it was so nice to be able to sleep in as it seems I have
been running non stop lately. Then after a late breakfast the last bit
of my Dresden trip was spent walking around just taking things in. My
camera died so there are not a whole lot of pictures but I promise
some from Paris for those of you who are my Facebook friends.

We arrived back late last night as we wanted to avoided the heaviest
traffic on the autobahn. We also ran into some rain so we left the
autobahn until it cleared. So this morning at work was hard to get up
to but I made it. The day was a hot but quick one though. I was able
to finish the sorting and inventory of the chem lab so that made the
day fly.

Those are the updates on the latest escapade stay tuned for more. Nighty night

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