Monday, July 4, 2011

Munich Adventures

This weekend I ventured off to visit Hanna and her family. They live
just outside of Munich but we spent most of our time in the city.

Friday was Canada Day and now the German's really think that I am
crazy. I wore my red to work and was excited about to Munich. Every
time I said morgan Happy Canada Day! the respone was what?..... after
I got some odd looks. They don't celebrate Germany like this anymore.
They were nice enough to print and make a flag for me when I was in
the lab. I came back to my desk to have a nice flag attached to my
computer! Once work was over (well I left early) I hoped on the train
and headed on my way.

Hanna and her mom and dad were at the station to meet me. We then gave
my bags to her parents as they dropped us off at Tollwod. Which is a
festival where there are all kinds of vendors, entertainors, music and
beer gardens of course. Hanna and I spent the night here celebrating
Canada day. We got odd looks not only for saying happy canada day but
speaking english. After it was getting a bit cold so we caught a train
back to Hanna's town and called it a night.

On Saturday morning after a breakfast with the family Hanna, her mom
and I grabbed the train back into the city. It was raining a bit on
and off so we decided to do a bus tour of the city which worked out
perfect as there was one leaving the main station just as we arrived.
The tour was great and we saw a lot of the city and learned some of
the history. After the tour we explored the city by foot before
meeting Hanna's Dad at a beer a beer house for supper. Where I had a
real Bavarian meal aka a hunk of meet and potato dumpling. For the
rest of the night Hanna and I met with some of her friends in her home
town for another festival. Here I had a giant pretzal with my beer and
found out I was the only Canadian in the crowd..... turns out one of
the bands was Canadian and asked if there were more. I was the only
one who was and happened to be standing by the stage.

For Sunday we spent the day at the museum in Munich. It was a since
and technology museum that was fabulous! We were there for a few hours
but I think I could have spent days there. Sadly after grabbing some
supper I boarded the train and headed back home.

Today I was back in the swing of things at work and was busy all day.
I even managed to ride my new bike safely to and from work with no

That's the latest in my life but there is more to come :) nighty night

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